Monday, September 12, 2016

Diners and More, Part 1

Art Peterson has sent us a large collection of pictures of interurban cars in their post-retirement careers.  As I get the time, I'll be posting as many of these as I can.  Some of us, at least, think this is quite interesting.  Thanks, Art! 

All Images Copyright by the Krambles-Peterson Archive

THI&E 207, for instance, a beautiful 1902 Jewett, is for sale!  If you're a traction fan, this is exactly what you want for your back yard.  Come on in!  You will not believe the low, low prices!
(Picture by George Krambles, 1933)

Art says:  A number of THI&E car bodies are represented here.  I suspect that the reason a large number of these made into post-retirement life was that IR was aggressively selling these bodies for $75 each and they came onto the market right after the effects of the 1932 depression hit home.

This is Union Traction Company car 253, which actually did become a diner near Marion, Ind.  Pictures taken Dec 21, 1939 by JFC.

ISE 652 near Rushville.  Picture taken May 29, 1938 by George Krambles.

This is a Kankakee and Urbana Traction car, used as a coal company office in Urbana.  Note the NRA Blue Eagle - "We Do Our Part"!  The K&UT only ran from Urbana to Paxton, and was short-lived.  Picture taken April 28, 1934 by George Krambles.

The next few are of THI&E car 22, built by Jewett in 1907 as C&CT 16, rebuilt by THI&E in 1920.   It became a house near Orestes, Ind.

 THI&E #24 near Orestes, in 1939.  This looks like it was probably part of a diner that had already gone out of business.

THI&E #48 near Orestes, part of the same establishment.  Nov. 1st, 1939.

THI&E car 83, taken in 1933 by George Krambles.  This is the same series as car 81, currently a body at ITM in Noblesville.

More slides will be coming soon, mostly in color.  And we'll have some mystery photos for you to identify.

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