Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Diners and More, Part 3

More interesting photos sent to us by Art Peterson.

All Images Copyright by the Krambles-Peterson Archive

First, we have an interurban observation car turned into a diner.  This is the body of Spokane and Inland Empire 361, a 1907 Brill open-platform coach.  It later became Pacific Northwest Traction #61, in service until 1939.   By 1956, when George Krambles photographed it, it was a diner near Bellingham, and appears well cared for.  The diner is long gone; the body was acquired by a private owner, and is stored in Snoqualmie.  Recent photographs are not available, but it is reported to be badly deteriorated and beyond hope.

A couple of pictures of an old city car near Lynchburg, Va. in 1973.  The photographer helpfully notes that it was "not in service".

Now for a couple of cars closer to home.  This was Sterling Dixon & Eastern car 104, as a body near Grand Detour.   Picture by Bill Janssen, taken Oct. 16, 1955.  The SD&E only ran from 1904 to 1925, and none of its equipment survives.

Little Vic's Diner (or Vic's Little Diner?) was the body of a Kankakee city car, located at 121 N. Dearborn in downtown Kankakee.  It appears to be identical to the car preserved as a diner in Gardner.  By 1973, when this was taken, it was no longer in business.

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