Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor Day Weekend, Day 1

Today went very well.   The weather was beautiful and we had a great crowd of visitors.  Ron Seavers and I ran the 308 and 319, and Zach Ehlers showed up and was arm-twisted into helping.  He put on his CA&E conductor's uniform and was by far the best-dressed of the crew.  Anyway, we had a great time.  At 3PM, we put the train away so the North Shore cars could take over for night-time operations.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties (namely, leaving my camera behind) I don't have any pictures to share... yet.  Our staff photographer Chuck Amstein was on the job and I'm sure he'll have a great selection for us, but you'll just have to wait.  Better yet, show up tomorrow in person.

And in trackwork news, the carline extension now has rails all the way west towards Olson Road, to the point where the sharp curve will start.  Start making plans now for the Golden Spike ceremony!

Update: Here's a brief selection from Chuck's pictures.   More to come when I have the time.

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