Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sunday Pictures

Most of the pictures from Sunday are by Chuck Amstein, since Frank and I were pretty busy. 
As usual, these are copyright by the photographer and may not be reproduced, etc. 

But first, a few I took.  To begin with, we decided to turn the train around, and the easiest way was via the west wye.   So we had to go around the car line, and took the opportunity for a photo stop.  Here we have your typical side-of-the-road interurban.

Eastbound, Frank is operating from the "solarium" end of the 36, giving the passengers a nice view.

For the rest of the pictures, we'll let an expert take over.  The Zephyr and the 1630 were both operating all three days.

And it's almost sunset....

...so it's time to start mounting the kerosene markers.

Meanwhile, the barns were open with the lights on, and all the various displays around the property were lit up.   It's very impressive at night!

I would say night-time operations went very well.  We seem to have sold extra tickets, and the diner was open later than usual.  There were lots of photographers, most trips had a good number of passengers, and everybody seemed to be pleased.  Thanks to all those who helped out!

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