Friday, September 30, 2016

Odds and Ends

First, Art Peterson sends us a couple of in-service shots of cars that we've seen as bodies in earlier installments of "Diners and More".   We have a nice shot of an Aurora 50-series Birney at the carhouse; for some reason, the car doesn't appear to be lettered at all, so its number is a mystery.  Perhaps this was taken just after delivery.   And then a picture of Chicago and Joliet Electric #227.   

He has also offered to search for in-service shots of cars now at IRM.   Some of these are better than others, and I've taken the liberty of adjusting the exposure, contrast, shadows, etc.  See what you think.   We might be able to supply more of these for your viewing pleasure.

In color, you would of course see that the 749 is in the attractive maroon and orange paint scheme.  I still do not understand why anyone would think dark green was an improvement over this, but that's just me....

Finally, Nick Kallas politely asked me to remind you again about Bus Day -- that's tomorrow!   Ray's latest update mentions that we're inviting any private owners of vintage buses to bring them out to the Museum for display.  So that may be an added incentive to come on out for Bus Day.   As it happens, I own a vintage bus that I recently restored to its as-built red paint scheme.   But I think I'll leave it home.

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