Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hanging By a Thread

From the Bill Wulfert collection, we have another interesting set of slides:

On November 6, 1994 our C&LE box motor #640 arrived from Ohio where it had been converted into a Diesel locomotive by its second owner, American Aggregates (Bob Bruneau: "American Aggravates") for use in a quarry.  Bill was on hand to photograph the unloading.

This is one of the Taylor MCB trucks on which the car sits.

The body was unloaded at the south end of Barn 9:

When the 308 arrived two years later, it was unloaded at the same location, but using a different system: two rented cranes lifted the carbody from the trailer and placed it on its trucks.

Now if you have any questions about the 640, I'm afraid I probably can't answer them.  All I can do is advise you to be patient....

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