Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Diners and More, Part 2

More interesting photos sent to us by Art Peterson.

All Images Copyright by the Krambles-Peterson Archive

This is the body of Butte Electric #64, taken by George Krambles on May 28, 1951, somewhere near Butte, I'd guess.  Frank points out that the body of car 63 has been cosmetically restored and is on display next to the Berkeley Pit in Butte.

This is the body of Shelburne Falls combine #10, later used as a chicken coop on a farm near Shelburne Falls and photographed by GK on July 4, 1955.   This story, at least, has a happy ending.

 The body was later saved and the car has been restored to operation, and is the centerpiece of the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum.   I've even gotten the privilege of running it.

Sam Bartlett supervises as I walk the pole around to the other end.

These two carbodies made up a diner in Bradford, NH.  The picture, taken by GK on July 2, 1955, is a little out of focus.  But if anybody recognizes these cars, we'd appreciate it.


Finally, we have another diner, "somewhere in Virginia" is the only thing the photographer recorded.  If you can identify the car or the location, you too can have your name in genuine print!

Frank adds: I'm pretty sure this is Floyd, VA on Locust St just south of Main. That brick building has been modified but is still recognizable. The terracotta roof just beyond it has been replaced but it is now, as I'm guessing it was then, the site of a drive-through. The streetcar looks like it may have been one of Roanoke's 1917 turtleback cars. Unfortunately the streetcar is gone but a similar car from Roanoke is preserved as a body by the Commonwealth Coach & Trolley Museum.

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