Wednesday, September 7, 2016


On Monday operations continued as before.  In the morning I fixed a leaking union under the 308 and rechecked brake operation, and then we ran all day.  Dan Buck was the motorman, I was the conductor, and Chris was the trainman.  Everything went smoothly, and we were able to keep to a consistent schedule with four trains on the main line.  The steam train runs on the hour, the Zephyr on the half-hour, and electric cars at :15 and :45.  Plus there was a half-hourly shuttle from 50th Avenue to Schmidt siding with air-conditioned L cars, and two or three streetcars, including the open car, on the loop.  That's not unusual for a busy weekend, but nobody else in this business can do anything approaching that!

 We were too busy for much picture-taking, but it was very rewarding.  

And now we're planning ahead for Showcase Weekend, dba Members' Day, in two weeks!   Don't miss it!

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